Gary Prenevost says millennials living in Atlantic Canada should give serious thought to owning a franchise if they are tiring of working for somebody else.   There is research that shows many Canadians are growing... [more]
There are a myriad of decisions to make when it comes to starting a business in Atlantic Canada—the type of service you provide, how many employees to hire, even your Twitter hashtag—but the most important one is where you'll set... [more]
If anyone knows a little something about the trials and tribulations of ‘going global,’ it’s Bernie Halloran. Bernie is in the trade of fur. And seals. “I’m telling you, it’s the most bullied industry on this planet,” says Halloran, proprietor of Always in Vogue... [more]

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  • Aboriginal entrepreneurship profile: Donald Hanson Note: This article is part of a series of profiles discussing successful First Nations entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada, sponsored by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS). Author Joseph Quesnel, of Métis extraction, is a political scientist, journalist ...
  • Tipping point Nova Scotia’s tech sector needs to achieve a critical mass of startups before it can really take off. Some say it’s almost there After developing a tool that could predict system and app failures, Halifax tech firm topLog ...