Business Barometer

Business Barometer

A comprehensive analysis of Atlantic Canada’s biggest metropolitan areas and what they have to offer prospective businesses

There are a myriad of decisions to make when it comes to starting a business in Atlantic Canada—the type of service you provide, how many employees to hire, even your Twitter hashtag—but the most important one is where you’ll set up shop. Commercial property tax rates and transportation links vary drastically on the East Coast and while some factors may be obvious, others—like the percentage of people in town with a university degree—may affect the success of your endeavour. From Knowledge Park in Fredericton with 180,000 square feet packed with 60 companies, labs and research chairs to communities like Paradise, Newfoundland, whose population has grown 20 per cent in the past five years, there’s a lot to consider before signing the lease. Atlantic Business Magazine has compiled data from all municipalities in Atlantic Canada with a population over 19,000 to provide a business barometer illustrating what each one has to offer prospective businesses. Here it is in black and white (and red tape).

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