September/October 2017

For love of the game

Serial entrepreneurs talk about the lessons they’ve learned along the way, and the strategies they used to improve their game

In case of emergency

A devastating fire destroyed Bill Abbott’s hardware store but not his business—here’s what saved him from going down for good

Making connections

Finding time to network can seem like mission impossible for many small business owners. Atlantic Business offers tips on how you can escape the office (and make the most of that freedom)

Who to tap

Are some financial institutions more small business friendly than others? Yes, say entrepreneur Peter Burbidge—there are differences

Creative accounting

It’s no secret that small businesses have small budgets. In this story, we talk to small business owners achieving big results with scarce resources.

Trial and error

Halifax-based Immunovaccine is on the verge of being the next big thing in the fight against cancer—or it could fall just short of commercialization

Fear and loathing in Atlantic Canada

A by-the-numbers analysis of Atlantic Canada’s debt load and workforce

Between the Lines

Entrepreneurs may well be the ultimate masochists. What drives them to beat themselves up?

XX Factor

Maternity leave doesn’t have to derail your career. Tips on how to work it to your advantage

Just sayin’

Automation means a lot of jobs could be on the verge of extinction—even yours

Devil’s Advocate

An open apology for assuming Donald’s absurdity would be trumped by the Oval Office

Food for thought

What a food film festival tells us about the potential to extend Atlantic Canada’s tourism season

On the move

How a St. John’s small business owner plans to take rare fashion to the island’s outposts

The social scene

Why some micro-businesses favour Facebook for their online presence

Back to the future

Can a P.E.I. small business cash in on a vinyl revival?

Frequent fraudsters

Investment scams top the list of ways crooks try to fleece New Brunswick residents

Through the looking glass

Atlantic Business checks in with our Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame inductees. This issue: Jerry Byrne

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[] Clearing the air Read story Wade Kearley Legalization (of marijuana) is long overdue. My days of consumption are long behind me but the point is that government has wasted too much money for too long on suppressing what should be legally available. Redeploy the law enforcement, justice and social resources that have been diverted [...]

Dodging a one-two tax punch

How federal and state tax changes south of the border can impact Atlantic Canadian companies and business travellers into the U.S.