November/December 2017

Confessions of a real-life ad man

An in-depth personal profile of well-known New Brunswick marketing guru, David Hawkins

Transformers: Next Generation

Atlantic Business talks to local researchers about some of the exciting new developments in regional digitalization The digitalization of life is becoming as pervasive and routine as the air we breathe. Whether it’s heating our homes, powering our smartphones, keeping our children safe, growing food, getting operated on by a surgeon a thousand kilometers away, […]

Sink or swim

A recent federal announcement has edged the region’s ocean innovators a giant step closer to super-cluster status. What needs to happen for them to land a share of $950 million in funding?

The price per pound

Why are harvesters risking their lives to land their catch? Atlantic Business investigates.

Between the lines

Innovation begins with embracing your inner contrarian and daring to ask, ‘what if’?

XX Factor

Remember ladies: it’s hard to have a voice at the table when you apologize for using it

Just Sayin’

Small business tax panic pays dividends for high-earning Canadians

Devil’s Advocate

Why China, not the United States, is the key to calming North Korea

A master mentor

Gerry Pond gets recognized—again—for a lifetime of helping entrepreneurs find their footing in the business world

Skin deep

Has a P.E.I. summer resident cracked the code on how to prevent body piercing infections?

Help wanted

How providing a little tutoring helped a Christmas shop owner succeed with a succession plan

25 things you didn’t know where invented in Atlantic Canada

Do a little digging, and you’ll discover that Atlantic Canadians are pretty resourceful people. It makes sense, since necessity is the mother of invention and as a region, we’ve had our fair share of challenges to overcome. Here are 25 ways we’ve done that.

The coach

Atlantic Business checks in with 2014 Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame inductee, Gordon Laing

Enabling regional collaborations

AFRED database gets synapses firing, leading to new business development via scientific discovery

Connected Community Data Project will drive innovation in Saint John

Enterprise Saint John hopes Connected Community Data Project will create Canada’s most connected community

Bioengineering a global company

BioVectra leverages Maritime lifestyle as powerful recruitment tool, bringing global skill set to local market

Open for business

When it comes to applied research, targeted innovation, and commercial collaborations, Université de Moncton is top of the class Taking the lead in global biomedical research and medicine A one-of-a-kind project is taking form at the Université de Moncton with the construction of the $27-million New Brunswick Centre for Precision Medicine. Funded by the federal […]

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