March/April 2017

Positive returns

From persons with disabilities to youth at risk, entrepreneurship delivers positive returns for the entire community

Bring me your business

Island receives wave of immigrant entrepreneurs with open arms

Eastern Uprising

It’s hard to imagine a place further away from Silicon Valley, Beijing and New York than St. John’s, N.L. But that doesn’t stop the determined entrepreneurs of Canada’s easternmost city

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Venture capitol: where can Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs find it, and how they can improve their odds of getting it?

Mother of invention

Entrepreneurism is a high priority in New Brunswick. What is driving this intense focus on startups? More importantly, is it paying off?

The Starchitect

This is the story of an Ontario-born aspiring architect whose move to Nova Scotia catapulted him international acclaim

Between the lines

When you consider everything that can go wrong with a startup, you have to ask yourself why anyone would bother to hang out their shingle in the first place

XX Factor

An Open Letter To Taller Than Average White Men

Devil’s advocate

Free Trade Not Always Fair

Just sayin’

In its beginning, Pizzagate seemed silly in a can-you-really-believe-anyone-would-actually-fall-for-this-horse-manure way


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The water cooler

Business-related news briefs from around Atlantic Canada

Let’s do lunch

If there was a prize for nicest entrepreneur in Atlantic Canada, Dallas Mercer would be a top contender

Now your business can have IT all

Rogers media solutions ensure your business can have IT all

Ready to launch

The new Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship teaches students, faculty and staff to embrace self-employment

Focus Cape Breton

That ability to recognize an opportunity and act on it creatively is something that resilient Cape Breton Islanders do exceedingly well