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How do you build your economy when you're a small island in the North Atlantic with an even smaller population?

PEI shows how it's done

Stephen Kimber talks about how changing the composition of the newsroom changes our definition of the news for the better.

Paul LeBlanc built his portfolio of possibilities one calculated gamble at a time. He still does

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The centre cannot hold when mere disruption is loosed upon the world
Editor Dawn Chafe investigates the Airbnb market in her hometown and takes a look innovation within the hospitality industry.
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Trade in China
Chinese consumers are happy to order out—even at distances up to 11,000 km. Here’s why Atlantic Canada should do more to cater to the hungry Asian market
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Just Sayin: From one columnist to another
ON A LEAF-BLOWN November morning the day after Americans finally, thankfully, balloted an end to the most toxic mid-term election in memory (only to launch what will almost certainly be among the most brutish, divisive, negative, nasty, racist, vile, fact-free and hate-filled presidential campaigns in ...
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XX Factor: 5 common unconscious bias faux-pas
There are two types of people in the world: those who walk around with unconscious biases, and those who lie about it. Our biases—that is, our preconceived notions about others—impact how we perceive people, whether we listen to them and our propensity to know, like and trust them. And all these factors mean our unconscious biases have a major impact on our ability to receive information and then make sound decisions.
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5 things to know this week

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  • Open and Shut March 2019 Spring is in the air and we all scream for ice cream! Scoop shops are opening across Atlantic Canada as we say goodbye to businesses who couldn’t make it through the winter.