Family-friendly work environments are the leading perk among Top Employers. What else do these recruit-and-retain superstars have to offer?

This archival publication features pivotal business stories from across the region over the past 30 years.

Highlights include:
• Hibernia gets green-light
• Confederation Bridge
• Tribute to K.C. Irving
• Richard Oland murder mystery
• Unravelling Knowledge House

Atlantic Canadian businesses seeking to modernize face mounting tech job vacancies

Welcome to the new Newfoundland economy?

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Could these vaginas change the world? This St. John’s company hopes so
Cow tongues, orange peels and car wash sponges. Right now, those are considered “best in class” for medical anatomical models of female genitalia, says Granville Biomedical co-founder Christine Goudie. “Isn’t that wild?” she asks. Goudie’s hoping her swiftly-growing company will help change the class entirely ...
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Time to make a climate change plan says N.L. tourism group, Bonavista mayor
Mark Gray (Twitter: @GrayMarker99) took this shot of damage to a seawall in Bonavista The timing was uncanny. Just weeks after Hospitality NL posted a job ad for a new climate change awareness coordinator position, a massive blizzard ripped through the southeast Avalon, causing what ...
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Let’s play #Snowmaggedon2020 Support Small Business Bingo!
Photographer Malin Enström captured this shot of snowed-in Georgestown houses. St. John’s and its surrounding communities will need a long time to recover from Friday’s #Smowmageddon2020 storm and so will the small, locally-owned businesses in the area. The massive blizzard buried Newfoundland and Labrador’s capital ...
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How these 2 companies found new hires in homesick Atlantic Canadians
If you’re an Atlantic Canadian who moved away for work, you may be seeing ads in your social media feeds designed to lure you back. In a bid to fill more than 70 open jobs across its dealerships in all four Atlantic province, Steele Autogroup ...
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