Meet Mandy

The "ballsy little bugger" who nabbed the


Meet Atlantic Canada's Joshua Green, CEO and co-founder of MYSA. A smart thermostat for electric baseboard heaters

Chef Jeremy Charles' debut cookbook is the cornucopia of Newfoundland food culture on paper

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Restaurant Review: Fredericton’s 11th Mile restaurant
Associate Editor Gabby Peyton dines solo at the newly-reopened Fredericton restaurant—and becomes acquainted with a delicious side of pillow talk You know that refreshed feeling after a good night’s sleep? That’s how I felt walking out of 11th Mile in Fredericton the first week of ...
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Executive education
Professional development programs and organization memberships can really fast track your career. But how to decide which one is right for you? In this feature, we examine six popular Top 50 CEO career advancement tools. You can’t go wrong if you follow the leaders Institute ...
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A little tongue in cheek
GATHER ‘ROUND CHILDREN while I tell you about the birds and the bees. It’s time you learned where Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEOs come from. Now this may come as a shock… they aren’t ours. At least, not in the traditional sense. The seed ...
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Meet the judges
Adjudicators for Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO awards are five-time award winners and Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame inductees. Thank you to the following for generously volunteering to select this year’s honourees.
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5 things to know this week

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  • Open and Shut June 2019 Summer is here and so are the new restaurants! There were almost no closures this month, but coffee ships and creameries abound.