The new wave of culinary tourism operators in Atlantic Canada are whetting the wanderlust, showcasing one-of-a-kind East Coast experiences and garnering worldwide attention


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Did you know that Atlantic Canada scores more than $500-million from sports tourism every year?

Chef Jeremy Charles' debut cookbook is the cornucopia of Newfoundland food culture on paper

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EV road block
Availability of charging stations could detour regional travel plans
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Why can’t we handle the truth?
As I write this piece, the fate of Brexit is still in doubt. The current Prime Minister feels compelled to drag her country out of the European Union because of a referendum vote which produced a narrow victory for the “leavers”. The economic consequences of ...
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Exposing the Root: How food tourism operators in Atlantic Canada are setting the table for the world
Dig into how food tourism operators in Atlantic Canada are setting the table with one-of-a-kind culinary experiences.
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Where are they now? Some kind of bountiful
Seven years after his retirement as CEO of Sobeys Inc., Bill McEwan reminisces about his cornucopian career and anticipates the horns of plenty yet to come
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5 things to know this week

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  • Open and Shut June 2019 Summer is here and so are the new restaurants! There were almost no closures this month, but coffee ships and creameries abound.