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"We were the three 'beeotches' threatening to close down their school"

Madawaska Maliseet make no apologies for holding the line on land claims—or how they've affected neighbouring non-native communities

How a Halifax-based skin care company is expanding across the country, smoothing skin and debunking myths about the cost of natural products


For the man behind the curtain at Office Interiors,
it's all about core values—past, present and future

Where's the love?

"There is a sense that somehow big business is there to be feasted upon, to be taken advantage of and to be dealt with at arms' length."

John Risley

No one is immune to gender bias,
not even women's leadership
coach Eleanor Beaton—but
here's what you can do about it

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XX Factor: 5 common unconscious bias faux-pas
There are two types of people in the world: those who walk around with unconscious biases, and those who lie about it. Our biases—that is, our preconceived notions about others—impact how we perceive people, whether we listen to them and our propensity to know, like and trust them. And all these factors mean our unconscious biases have a major impact on our ability to receive information and then make sound decisions.
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Letting the end user decide
Design thinking is changing the way some companies create new products
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How racial and gender conformity are a corporate liability
Is your ignoramus showing? Eleanor Beaton spells out the cost of racial and gender conformity
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Just Sayin: From one columnist to another
ON A LEAF-BLOWN November morning the day after Americans finally, thankfully, balloted an end to the most toxic mid-term election in memory (only to launch what will almost certainly be among the most brutish, divisive, negative, nasty, racist, vile, fact-free and hate-filled presidential campaigns in ...
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5 things to know this week

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  • Open and Shut January 2019 Atlantic Canada saw the opening of its first vegan butcher in January, along with several axe-throwing lounges. We said goodbye to several national chains and quite a few restaurants too.