In this issue, we followed a single piece of cheese from dairy farm to deli counter.

Lessons learned

Sonja Mills and Alicia MacDonald share the lessons learned from leaving established careers to start a craft brewery in outport Newfoundland

Dear Dwight, Brian, Wade and Stephen,

We need bold leadership, not small town politics.

How Don Mills' thirst for
knowledge led to 40 years of
private sector research success

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Energizing Innovation Forum 2018
Discover how the global transformation of the electricity industry and the development of smart energy cities represent a once-in-a-generation growth opportunity
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Bloody Foreigners…
Does importing entrepreneurs help or hinder Canada's economy? This story unpacks the statistics about those bloody foreigners
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Between the lines
Dawn Chafe pays tribute to the economy’s unsung heroes and ponders where we’d be without them
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Devil’s Advocate
John Risley calls on Atlantic Canada’s provincial leaders for collaboration and cooperation.
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Five things to know about business in Atlantic Canada

Headlining weekly events affecting business
in the four easternmost provinces

Web extras

  • Open and Shut September 2018 Uptown Donuts opened up their shop in the historic Saint John City Market early this month offering up jazzed-up jam-filled treats. The new Moncton events centre had their ribbon-cutting ceremony mid-month and announced that the new $113-million ...