Usva Spa Nordik readies the waters for its first Moncton summer
A guide to coworking in Atlantic Canada
The one question female
CEOs are sick of answering
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That night we painted the town green
Photos from Atlantic Business Magazine's 20th annual Top 50 CEO awards gala: 650 executives guests, 50 award-winning CEOs and one unforgettable celebration of corporate leadership excellence.
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Devil’s Advocate
Devil’s Advocate columnist John Risley urges Canadians to stand on guard for the greater good
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XX Factor
Be careful what you ask for: THIS question implies women don’t belong in the workplace
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Some mouth on ya
A Newfoundland food truck sets up shop in Bonavista with all kinds of sauciness
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Five things to know about business in Atlantic Canada

Headlining weekly events affecting business
in the four easternmost provinces

  • Restaurant Swap: New(ish) eatery coming to St. John’s Chinova Bioworks, a company that makes a preservative called chitosan out of mushrooms for the food and beverage industry, has received $2 million investment money from DSM Venturing BV. Venture capital firm AgFunder and non-profit Natural Products Canada ...

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  • Recipe for success Stone Hearth Bakery in Halifax, N.S. is a social enterprise established in 1982, providing a work-based training program. When Halifax’s Stone Hearth Bakery was established in 1982, it really didn’t have a term to describe its business ...