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Meet Atlantic Canada's Joshua Green, CEO and co-founder of MYSA. A smart thermostat for electric baseboard heaters

Chef Jeremy Charles' debut cookbook is the cornucopia of Newfoundland food culture on paper

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Innovation thrives here
New Brunswick has traditionally been known as a place rich in natural resources and scenic beauty. While the resource-development sector remains integral to the province’s economy, the global shift towards a knowledge-based marketplace has created the opportunity for new kinds of growth.
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Let’s do Launch: MYSA CEO Joshua Green
Every issue, we chat with the founder of an Atlantic Canadian startup to learn how they launched and what's next. In this issue, CEO and co-founder of MYSA, inventors of smart thermostats for electric baseboard heaters.
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Has downtown lost its groove?
When Petula Clarke recorded her 1964 homage to everything downtown, it really was the heart of the city. Would she be singing the same tune today? The following summarizes rental and vacancy rates in Atlantic Canada cities with populations of 50K+, as well as P.E.I.’s ...
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Talking a blue streak: Mandy Rennehan is CEO of the Year 2019
Meet Mandy Rennehan, the blue collar champion who is Atlantic Business Magazine's 2019 CEO of the Year
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5 things to know this week

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  • Open and Shut June 2019 Summer is here and so are the new restaurants! There were almost no closures this month, but coffee ships and creameries abound.