With the continuing escalation of the Covid-19 crisis, we are postponing our Top 50 CEO issue and awards gala.

You need to focus on your families, your organization, your employees and your clients. We need to strategically pull back now so we can host an even bigger celebration down the road.

Though this is an exceptional situation, tough times aren’t new to Atlantic Canada. We will survive by working together and supporting each other. 100%.
When the world restarts, what will we have lost? And learned?
As I write this column, my meetings-free, interviews-canceled, to-dos-in stasis world is very different than it was two months ago. As you read this, your today-world will likely have morphed through many more neck-twisting, head-shaking reversals and resets before landing on whatever is your own ...
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Airport CEOs say it could be five years before travel gets back to 2019 levels
Atlantic Canada’s airports are open, but their business is grounded. Joyce Carter, CEO of Halifax International Airport Authority, says that a typical May travel season will bring an average of 11,000 passengers a day through her airport. This May’s traffic is down by 98 per ...
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Alan Doyle says it could be 2021 before touring bands go back on the road
When Alan Doyle finished his March 8 performance in Vancouver, British Columbia, he thought he’d be continuing his Rough Side Out tour in two weeks’ time. Instead, the necessary self-isolation forced by the Covid-19 pandemic has put an indefinite pause on what was to have ...
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Holding the line: critical care nurse “staying strong” to protect N.L. families
Tammy Hardy, 39, is a critical care nurse in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Atlantic Business Magazine’s Essential Worker of the Week. Her permanent position is in the coronary care unit but since the pandemic she’s been taking direct care of the critical covid patients who ...
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