King of the supply chain

King of the supply chain

“Faster than Amazon” e-commerce delivery platform earns franchise owner the title of CBC Innovator of the Year

The unlikely path that led this year’s CBC Innovator of the Year to our winner’s circle begins in the spring of 2003 at the Harbour Station arena in uptown Saint John, New Brunswick. The Flames, the city’s then-American Hockey League franchise, were in the middle of their last-ever regular season home game. To mark the occasion, organizers of the night’s 50/50 draw had decided that instead of handing out the usual half-the-proceeds cash prize to the draw winner, they would give away a brand-new Dodge Neon.

And the winner was… Roger King, an early twenty-something local guy at loose ends with his future.

By his own admission, King had not been a brilliant or dedicated student. In high school, “I got what my father called ‘Gentleman’s Cs,’” he acknowledges with laugh. Those Gentleman’s Cs and a can-do attitude had so far only resulted in life-lesson-learning, low-wage, low-status jobs. He’d worked as a swim instructor and lifeguard at the local Canada Games Aquatic Centre, as well as on the night-shift restocking crew at a Sobeys store in hometown Rothesay. He insists he enjoyed the experiences, but neither held out the promise of a satisfying lifetime career.

So King said thank you very much, sold his shiny new Dodge Neon back to the dealership, took out a student loan and enrolled in a business degree program at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. “It was the first time I ever even visited Halifax,” he says now. Read full article—subscribe today!

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