March/April 2019


This issue, we zoom in on artistic and cultural industries to discover how they create competitive advantage in an international sea of sameness

The Island Way

How do you build your economy when you’re a small island in the North Atlantic with an even smaller population? P.E.I. shows how it’s done

Perseverance and a social conscience

An in-depth personal profile of New Brunswick native Glenn Cooke and the 33-year evolution of the aquaculture company he co-founded with his father and brother

Trade in China

Chinese consumers are happy to order out—even at distances up to 11,000 km. Here’s why Atlantic Canada should do more to cater to the hungry Asian market

How Atlantic Canada’s trade winds blow globally

Who’s buying what we have to sell? What do we want and where are we getting it? A visual guide to regional trade trends

Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre and Astor Theatre | 219 Main Street, Liverpool

Explore the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre and Astor Theatre where the first silent films were shown in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

Skin in the game

Paul LeBlanc built his portfolio of possibilities one calculated gamble at a time. He still does

The centre cannot hold when mere disruption is loosed upon the world

Editor Dawn Chafe investigates the Airbnb market in her hometown and takes a look innovation within the hospitality industry.

It’s official: quality beats quantity (for women, anyway)

Behind every strong woman is a group of other strong women: Eleanor Beaton explains the importance of your inner circle.

The other side of the story

Stephen Kimber talks about how changing the composition of the newsroom changes our definition of the news for the better.

It’s getting scary out there

Why is our resident Devil’s so worried? John Risley explores the mismatch between education and career.

Fake it ‘til you make it

Atlantic Canada’s first vegan butcher opens in Halifax

Betting on a pot o’ cold

Terra Beata invests in a state-of-the-art cold stage facility

Re-writing her story

This New Waterford woman made herself into a company to stay on the East Coast

New Confederation Centre CEO happy to be home

The new CEO of Confederation Centre of the Arts explains why he considers this his dream job