January/February 2019

What’s the BIG idea?

The big, the bold and the unconventional: an overview of some of the more radical ideas from our regional thought leadership workshops

Mother should I trust the government?

What’s a populace to do when it no longer trusts its political representatives to follow through on election promises? We have a few ideas

AIPP: A Love Story

On one side, a desperate shortage of available workers; on the other, an excess of bureaucratic policy and procedure: how the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project has gotten caught in the middle

Room for improvement: in defence of East Coast education

#thinkBIG2018 attendees said educators aren’t living up to their potential; the Nova Scotia Community College’s Don Bureaux responds

“We were the three ‘beeotches’ threatening to close down their school”

The Madawaska Maliseet First Nation is one of the most prosperous communities in New Brunswick. Here’s how three Bernard women helped make it happen

Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers 2019

It’s an employee’s market out there, and recruiting top talent is harder than ever. Or not, if you’re one of Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers—where work supports life (in more ways than one)

Between the Lines: End of times

Included in the eight beatitudes are blessings for the meek, the persecuted and the poor in spirit. To hell with that—martyrdom is for suckers.

XX Factor: 5 common unconscious bias faux-pas

There are two types of people in the world: those who walk around with unconscious biases, and those who lie about it. Our biases—that is, our preconceived notions about others—impact how we perceive people, whether we listen to them and our propensity to know, like and trust them. And all these factors mean our unconscious […]

Just Sayin: From one columnist to another

ON A LEAF-BLOWN November morning the day after Americans finally, thankfully, balloted an end to the most toxic mid-term election in memory (only to launch what will almost certainly be among the most brutish, divisive, negative, nasty, racist, vile, fact-free and hate-filled presidential campaigns in U.S. history), Atlantic Business Magazine’s November- December issue quietly thudded […]

The Daily Google: Questions and Answers with Jim Lambe

St. John’s native returns home to welcome entrepreneurs to the Grow with Google event at Memorial University’s Emera Innovation Centre as the Country Director for Google Cloud in Canada.

The Water Cooler: Feeling duckish

How a Halifax-based natural skin care company is expanding across the country, smoothing skin and debunking myths about the cost of natural products

Premises: A look back at Atlantic Business Magazine’s homebase

As we celebrate 30 years of publishing excellence, we retrace Atlantic Business Magazine’s growth through various locations from 1989 to the present day.

Passion, Ambition, Loyalty: the three employee characteristics that lift PAL to ever higher heights

From its origins in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Provincial Aerospace Limited (PAL) has become a diversified global company with more than 40 years of experience providing a wide range of quality aviation and aerospace services. In serving an increasingly diverse group of international clients and customers, PAL has built its strong corporate reputation on […]

The greatest wealth is health

AT MEDAVIE BLUE CROSS, which has been named one of Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers for 2019, the company’s dedication to caring about health is on display everywhere. That’s a fact that should surprise no one, given the company’s explicit mission to improve the wellbeing of Canadians, including the ones who actually work for it.

Happy debts of gratitude

EAST COAST CREDIT UNION (ECCU) respects its employees with such zeal that it will actually throw a party on a boat in Halifax Harbour as a live band plays deep into the glittering evening.

The energy of teamwork

It should suprise no one that Emera identifies its people as its greatest asset. After all, that’s why the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers annual competition named the Halifax-based energy services company as a national and regional top employer for 2019.