May/June 2018

2018 Top 50 CEO Award Winners

From biggest risks to the truest rewards, Top 50 CEOs share their stories

Statistically speaking

As part of the selection process, Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEOs divulge a plethora of information about themselves and their companies: from this we are able to present valuable insight into the state of the union amongst the c-suites of Atlantic Canada. Plus, we got to learn who wants to visit all seven continents. […]

Meet the judges

Six Top 50 CEO Hall of Famers volunteered to select this year’s best execs

The other half

What’s it like living with a spouse who’s always in the public eye?

How suite it is

Moving from middle management to CEO isn’t all corner offices and salary bumps

Osmosis effect

How our CBC Innovator of the Year pivoted from lab rat to experimental entrepreneur

Dear younger me…

What Top 50 CEO Hall of Famers wish they knew when they were starting out


Corporate social media accounts are clamouring, but where are the social CEOs?

Ones to watch

What four next-generation CEOs are doing to recharge the Atlantic economy

Between the lines

Editor Dawn Chafe is in a rare type of mellow mood, willing to answer questions about all things Top 50 (take advantage).

XX Factor

Eleanor Beaton cracks open the coffin in the idea graveyard and talks about unleashing gut instincts.

Just sayin’

Stephen Kimber targets the concentration of corporations in his latest column, unpacking how monopsony is blocking workers from a well-deserved raise.

Devil’s Advocate

John Risley grapples with left-leaning economic policies of the current federal government and their ideas about the redistribution of wealth.

Big and bold

It’s game on in St. John’s for Cineplex Rec Room

Green growth

How a P.E.I. venture capital fund is helping local startups grow their businesses

Purchasing power

New Brunswick’s private sector wants its residents, and businesses, to buy local

High command

Top 50 CEO Hall of Famer Ken Rowe tells the magazine about sidestepping his own company’s retirement policy and what he really thinks about Donald Trump.

How are we doing?

Reader rebuttals and letters for Lisa dominate this month’s Chatterbox, along with follow promises of Instagram growth.