Two war-related novels dominated our reviewer’s summer reading list. Here’s why they are must-reads

The story behind Kinduct Technologies, inaugural winner of the CBC Innovation Award at Atlantic Business Magazine’s 2014 Top 50 CEO awards gala

Photos from P.E.I.s 2014 Canada Day concert, featuring performances by Tegan & Sara, George Canyon and Classified.

The Big Land is well positioned to become the big political player. Atlantic Business Magazine takes a closer look at what’s happening in Labrador.

Congratulations Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe – you’re in good hands. Mr. Momentum explains his passion for his adopted home town as well as his role at 3+ Corporation. Prosperous economic future? Yes, there’s a plan for that.

Halifax’s premiere investor-philanthropist, Fred Fountain, shares his perspective on life, learning, wealth and charity.

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