One of Atlantic Canada’s most successful tourism entrepreneurs has just sold the motor coach business that built his brand. You won’t believe what’s next for this sightseeing industry magnate

Cybercrime is real. In this story, what your business can do to protect itself—and your clients— from digital intruders.

This is a difficult topic. The prosperity of the western world during the past 150 years since oil was first discovered, or rather its uses were first discovered, is truly historic. No other period of time has produced a comparable jump in the standard of …

Canada has lost it way. How could it be otherwise when we have no navigators? Over 150 years ago, representatives of what was then Upper and Lower Canada as well as the Maritimes—soon followed by the western provinces and northern territories—convinced the electorate that there …

Exciting profiles of young people in Nova Scotia who are launching innovative businesses that will keep them (and their peers) in the region. Prepare to be amazed.

Investors and regional tech successes share their thoughts on what Atlantic Canada needs to advance its innovation game to the next level

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